You too can have a Brighter Smile!

A whiter smile can boost your confidence and erase years from your appearance. And bleaching is the most effective and painless cosmetic dental procedure offered. Brazos Valley Dental Arts is currently offering a set of free professional opalescence bleaching trays to all new patients who come in for an adult cleaning, examination, and x-rays. But this is only available for a limited time, and you must mention this advertisement.


Is Bleaching Bad for my Teeth?

Bleaching can benefit your teeth in multiple ways. What most people don’t know is that bleaching was discovered when a group of periodontists were researching the effects of carbamide peroxide on the periodontal health of the gums. The researchers discovered that peroxide minimized the bacterial load in plaque, thereby reducing the chances of periodontal disease. But there was a bonus… it also caused the teeth to whiten! In addition, bleach is basic, lessening the acidity of cavity-causing plaque along the gumline. Lets talk about killing three birds with one stone!

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Are there any drawbacks to bleaching?

It’s important to know that existing crowns and tooth-colored fillings will not lighten with bleaching, so some dental restorations may need to be replaced to match the new whiter color. And for some, peroxide can cause temporary sensitivity or gum irritation. However, our patients at Brazos Valley Dental Arts have reported minimal sensitivity while following our bleaching protocol, and the sensitivity dissipates as soon as bleaching is completed. Also, we use only top-quality professional carbamide peroxide, such as Night White, Day White, and Opalescence, at varying concentrations to accommodate each patient’s need, and our bleach has additives to reduce sensitivity. Let Dr. Erratt and Dr. Reeh and our team of dental professionals help you get a brighter smile!

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