Dr. Stephanie Reeh   ♦   Dr. Tamie Erratt

What’s different about us?

We provide crowns in a single appointment, using a computer scan and cad-cam imaging to produce beautiful porcelain restorations without ugly metal margins. This state-of-the-art technique avoids mouthfuls of gooey impression material and the need for wearing a temporary crown or a second session with numbing. You leave the office with your crown permanently cemented in your mouth.

We keep our office up to date with the latest developments in dentistry, providing low-radiation digital x-rays and implant restorations, in addition to composites  (tooth-colored fillings), porcelain veneers and esthetic bonding.

We make custom bleaching trays to provide professional-strength whitening in as little as an hour a day for seven days, at a surprisingly low cost. We use the top professional bleaching brands with additives for decreased sensitivity.

We can often reshape teeth, restoring broken corners or closing spaces, using direct bonding. These beautiful restorations are painless, without the removal of tooth structure required for porcelain veneers. We provide a free mock-bonding to determine whether you could benefit from this procedure.

We work closely with all the dental specialists in the community, with rapid and accurate communication, utilizing easy transfer of high-quality digital x-ray images.

We see children as young as three years old, always stressing preventive measures such as teeth sealants to maintain optimum dental health.

We strive to treat every patient as we would our own family. And many of our patients have been coming for so long we truly feel that way. With honesty and integrity we provide the highest quality dental care available, applying the golden rule with each person we treat.