Dr. Stephanie Reeh   ♦   Dr. Tamie Erratt

Does BVDA take my insurance?

Brazos Valley Dental Arts accepts most major dental insurance, including the TAMU PPO plan, only requiring the patient to pay the balance not covered by insurance. When dental work is scheduled we attempt to provide an estimate of co-payments.

Does BVDA have payment plans?

Yes, we offer Care Credit, a no-interest payment plan, for qualified patients.

Can I have laughing gas for my appointments?

Yes, we offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas), and many patients find it helps them relax during dental appointments.

Does BVDA restore implants?

Absolutely! Replacing missing teeth with implants is one of the most exciting advances of modern dentistry. Options are available to restore a single tooth or multiple teeth utilizing implants. We work in conjunction with qualified oral and periodontal surgeons, who place the implant in the bone, while we are responsible for the placement, function, and appearance of the aesthetic implant restoration (the part of the tooth or teeth you see above the gumline).