My loyal patients always tell me they could never go to another dentist, and many have come to me for advice when they are moving away from Bryan College Station. So here’s my advice about choosing a dentist, wherever you live.
The most important thing you can do is ask your friends. You can’t trust what you see in advertisements, I’m sorry to say. Spending a lot of money on promotion doesn’t equate to quality, compassion, and honesty. To find a dentist with those characteristics, you should ask a lot of people and listen for a name associated with optimum care, gentleness, compassion, and integrity. Obviously, I believe this is true for us at BVDA, or I wouldn’t be telling you this. Our patients love us, and we love them back.
But you tell me, “I’ve gone to a dentist and he/she recommended a LOT of very expensive dental work. I can’t afford all that! What am I going to do? How do I know if I really NEED that dental work?”
I’ll tell you, if it’s been a long time since you sought dental treatment, you could have gotten an accurate and honest diagnosis. But no dentist worth his salt would be afraid for you to seek a second opinion. Also, even if you need a lot of treatment, it’s often possible to prioritize your work to help maximize your dental benefits, postponing some work until the next insurance year. And some offices, like ours, offer Care Credit, providing interest-free loans to qualified patients.
Maybe you’re afraid to go to the dentist, especially since you’ve postponed going and you expect you’ll need a lot of work. Or maybe you’ve been hurt at previous dental offices.
Just let me say that there are techniques to take the pain out of dentistry, especially if your dentist isn’t in a hurry to dash into the next room. At our office, we use very strong topical gels and special injection techniques. Many of our patients tell us they didn’t feel the shot at all. Or perhaps you’re so nervous you’d like to have a little nitrous oxide (laughing gas.) We’ve got that, too, and it’s not terribly expensive. And you’ll be perfectly fine to drive yourself home after only a few minutes after the appointment.
Finally, if you’re still unsure, visit the office in person. Some offices, like ours, offer free consultations for new patients. In fact, you can make a consultation appointment online, 24 hours a day!
Best of luck in your dental office shopping. I hope you find the perfect match, and of course, I hope it’s us!