Child’s First Dental Visit–Family Dentistry in Bryan & College Station, TX

Want to know how to take care of your child's teeth? At Brazos Valley Dental Arts, Dr. Tamie Erratt and Dr. Stephanie Reeh want to help you keep your child's teeth healthy and prevent early childhood caries. So we are providing some helpful information about your baby's first dental visit and how to be proactive [...]

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Dental Implants in Bryan College Station

Tooth dental implant (done in 3d graphics) We provide beautiful porcelain dental implant restorations for our patients in the Bryan and College Station area. If you have a missing tooth, a dental implant is the optimum tooth replacement restoration, offering a natural appearance and function. After the tooth is removed, the oral or [...]

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Looking for a dentist in Bryan College Station?

Dr. Stephanie Reeh and Dr. Tamie Erratt | Family and Cosmetic Dentistry | Bryan College Station | Brazos Valley Dental Arts | Artistic Dentistry with a Gentle Touch   Finding a new dentist doesn't have to be difficult. At Brazos Valley Dental Arts, we accept most insurance, including the Texas A&M University PPO plan. [...]

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